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Date: 8/24/2017
By Emmanuel Koro

At a time when food security, unemployment and economic growth are central to the wellbeing of any society, we in Gauteng Province have and should continue to seek ways to create improved livelihoods for our people.
Recognising and rewarding women and young farmers who excel in agricultural production encourages them to increase food security, employment and economic growth and in the process helps ensure the wellbeing of our people.
On Friday 11 August 2017, some of the Gauteng female farmers and young farmers who include resident male and female farmers were proud recipients of the Female Entrepreneur and Young Farmer Awards at an event that was held at the Lakes Hotel and Conference Centre, Benoni.
Black female and young farmers have now proved that they can produce crops and livestock at a commercial level, drive tractors and operate agricultural production machines, in ways that inspire other women and young people to join the agricultural industry. At a smallholder farming level, black female farmers have raised the bar as they are producing crops and livestock at levels that significantly contribute to food security, employment creation and economic growth. In case you thought the townships where so urbanized that there is no agricultural production, then you are wrong. Additionally, we have young women who continue to impress by producing vegetables for subsistence and also to donate to the needy in their community. All these are exciting developmental activities that were rewarded at the Female Entrepreneur and Young Farmers Awards on Friday 11 August 2017.
The Best Female Workers were also rewarded for their excellence. This means apart from promoting food security, creating employment, and economic growth; the Gauteng commercial and smallholder female farmers are also helping to produce highly skilled workers.
The awards ceremony takes place annually, during Women’s Month in August to ac­centuate the sector’s input towards the broader gender transformation agenda of the country. Over the years, the programme became an empowerment platform that recognizes the entrepreneurial skills of women, young women and women with disabilities in the sector.
The overall winners will represent the Province in the National Female Entrepreneur Awards.  
The MEC for Economic Development, Environment, Agriculture and Rural Development, Lebogang Maile said, “The agricultural sector is critical towards achieving accelerated and inclusive economic growth that helps to fight poverty and inequality.”
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