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Waste Management
expand Acts
Standards for the Extraction flaring or recovery of landfill gas- 2013650931
expand Air Quality
Air Quality Management Plan4443949
expand Gauteng Hazardous Waste Management
Certified HCWM Regulations STAMPED1710838
expand Gauteng Waste Information System
GWIS - Gauteng Waste Information System491472
Waste Information Regulations 20041008998
expand General Waste Management
Waste Collection Carriers for Recycling - Waste Forum 24 Feb 20124750423
Waste Collection Standards APPENDIX 5 (3)- National Treasury43008
Waste Collection Standards APPENDIX 3 (3)- Key Issues from I74240
Waste Collection Standards - APPENDIX 8 (3) -39936
expand Litter and Illegal Dumping Meetings
General Waste Collection Standards - Photographs - E. Takalani - Litter and Illegal dumping Meeting 12.04.20139427094
Prensetation Lessons Learnt from other Cities or Countries 10.04.2013413177
expand Waste Acts
List of Waste Management Activities 2013409401
expand Waste Collection Standards
Waste Collection Standards 09 03 10 (Version 4) docx (2)1066496
Waste Collection Standards - APPENDIX 9 (3)- Template of area (2)41472
expand Waste Management Forum Presentations
Waste Forum Meeting - Rehabilitation of illegal dump site 29 11 20132189797
Opportunities and challenges of food waste in SA final582446
Gauteng Waste Forum Illegal Dumping PIKITUP2861980
C40 GAUTENG Waste Forum PIKITUP251604
SAEO PRESENTATION _Waste Management Forum Obed Ndhlovu - DEA 30 August 20131074149
0 August 2013 Mintech Working Group IX Report Back - Waste Management Forum - Turfontein Racecourse - Copy672655
Midvaal Local municipality145571
Waste Management Forum 24 February 2012 Report 839125
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